Our Works

Bizz Watch

the best solution to track, monetize and analyze your business. It's an ultimate product created ny Logical Loop for FMCG company users and running successfully.

Simple And Easy Way To Learn About Your Business With Our Bizz Watch App! Bizz Watch provides an accurate & real-time analysis on app & web with profound security of your transactional data. With Live Ledger & Live Outstanding reports managing the business has become easier than ever.

Now, activities like Sales Order, Sales Bill and Creating Receipts are just 3-Clicks away with integration to your accounting software.

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Vinay Diamonds

Vinay Diamonds is a reputed diamond company having over 200 employees. Logical Loop created their website with the latest trend.

We also designed their diamond inventory system which connects users all over the world. While not stopping there, we made an app in React Native for them for diamond tracking which is an unique systerm in itself.

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Updhan registration

It's basically created for a religious activity. The main proble for the client was the participants were spread over thousands of miles and collecting offline entries from such large area was a tough work.

Hence, this app along with its website.

It's created in flutter as it was one of our latest achievement and new & upcoming technology. So, why not use it commercially?

Balaji Group of Tuitions

They are on of our most tech savvy and also enthusiastic clients. It was initially just for attendance system. After adding a tons of features it has now become a fully customized software with 2 Android apps and an admin panel.

Not an end...

That was just a glimpse at our work. We have also worked on projects like food ordering and delivery app, cabs sharing app and many other websites and apps.

Here's a link for an app called Speed dial which has over 100,000+ installs in Android. With a little over a million with iOS.

HiCabs Malta

An unique alarm clock - WakeMeFi

Many more under pipeline...